About Us

At MSCcompany OU, we offer customized services to meet the needs of our clients. Our vast list of products is divided into: equipment, medical equipment, raw materials, petroleum products, electronics and any others goods.

We also have extensive experience in Procurement:

  • Quotation, evaluation and choice of suppliers.
  • Transport, logistics and order taking
  • Management and coordination of all shipment procedures.
  • Performance analysis and feedback on deliveries and suppliers.

At MSCcompany you will profit from experience in logistic solutions for all types of goods, be it bulk, break bulk, general cargo or excisable goods. Our worldwide network of warehousing and transportation companies allows us to offer integrated worldwide logistics solutions, meeting your requirements at multiple locations with multiple transport modes.

When doing business with MSCcompany, You will profit from leading innovative tailor-made solutions, based on secured information technology. We will not only provide cost-efficient solutions, but also deliver superior customer value. Working closely together on basis of personal relationships, we will find the logistics solutions that boost your business. Our vast logistic experience enable us to continuously offer you new solutions for new logistic challenges, with full respect of sustainability and reduction of the environmental impact of our activities.

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